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The University's Zoom video-conferencing service used for informal, non-confidential meetings, collaboration with external colleagues, and, where required, for facilitating University research.

Important - Update to Zoom Sign In

We are in the process of updating the University of Edinburgh's Zoom sign-in policy. This update changes the way the sign-in process for your University account works in Zoom.   This is needed to integrate Zoom with Learn. 

Do I need to take action?

Do you have a Zoom account through that's using your sign-in email address?

If you have a Zoom account (free/basic/paid/other) that you access through with your sign-in email address, then refer to the "Important - Update to Zoom Sign In" pageFrom 20th of July, you will be prompted by Zoom to change the email address the next time you sign in to the other account.  

Are you experiencing persistent errors when signing in to your University of Edinburgh Zoom account?

If you experience persistent sign-in errors attempting to sign-in to your University of Edinburgh Zoom account, refer to the "Important - Update to Zoom Sign In" page

Where can I get help?

For further information, including steps and videos on changing your email address on your other Zoom account, is available on our:

 Important - Update to Zoom Sign In page. 



Important - Update to Zoom Sign In

Image of a cog and update bar
Important guidance about sign-in updates to the University of Edinburgh's Zoom account.

Quickstart Guide

Zoom Quickstart Guide
The basics on getting you up and running with the University's Zoom meeting service.

Accessing Zoom

Zoom Login
How to access the Zoom application on both University-supported and personal devices.

Meeting Hosts

Zoom Meeting Host
Important guidance for Meeting Hosts to ensure their Zoom calls can take place in a safe, secure and efficient manner.

Help and Support

Zoom Help and Support
A selection of helpful guides and tutorials to assist Meeting Hosts and participants in using Zoom.

Need any help?

Please initially see the Zoom Help and Support section. If you then still need assistance: