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Quick start guide

Answers to some common questions.

What is my extension number?
To find out, dial 0 from your extension and the University switchboard operator will be able to tell you. If you have a VoIP telephone, simply lift the receiver and your extension will display in the top right hand corner of the unit’s screen.
Who called from 0131 651 7112?
If this number displays, then it means someone from within the University of Edinburgh has tried to contact you, though unfortunately we will be unable to tell you who has called. We use this number in order to display a readable number to the recipient, as often withheld numbers are viewed with caution.
How do I search for an extension within the University of Edinburgh?
You can search for extensions using the University of Edinburgh’s website. Simply type in the name or department you wish to contact in the search field and you will be directed to a page which displays three tabs, the middle of which lists telephone numbers. Just click through and any relevant numbers will display. If you cannot find the number you are looking for, you can contact the University’s switchboard between 9am – 5pm and one of the operators will be able to connect you.

We have put together a handy guide to get you up and running with your VoIP telephone. Just click the link below to download the file.

If you need help or advice regarding use of the telephone system, please contact Telephone Operations.