School of Informatics

Student Profiles

Here some of our current students offer a more personal perspective on what it's like to study Informatics at Edinburgh.

Sraddheya Gurung

Sraddheya is in her 2nd year studying for a BSc in Computer Science.

Andi Dicu

Andi is in his 1st year studying for a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Lorna Armstrong

Lorna is in her 3rd year studying Computer Science BSc

Ayshalini Rajahsuresh

Ayshalini is a 1st year studying Computer Science and Mathematics BSc

Marko Mekjavic

Marko is a 3rd year Computer Science student

Ojasvi Jalal

Ojasvi graduated with a BSc in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in 2020.

Qais Patankar

Qais graduated with BEng in Computer Science programme in 2020.

Claire Doherty

Claire graduated with a Master of Informatics in 2021. In her second year we have asked her about her experience.

Lucy Havens

Lucy graduated with Advanced Master in Design Informatics degree in 2019. She tells us about studying for her MSc in Advanced Design Informatics with us.

Mihaela Stoian

Mihaela graduated with Masters of Informatics programme in 2019. During her 2nd year, she undertook a research internship within the School of Informatics.