Health & Safety Department

Health and Safety Law Poster

The University is required to display copies of the revised statutory ‘Health and Safety Law' poster at prominent locations throughout the University's buildings, or provide employees with a Health and Safety Law leaflet produced by the HSE.

Poster distribution

The purchase of a copy of the poster for each and every University building is not a cost-effective approach. However, in order to comply with this legal requirement the Health and Safety Department have purchased a number of posters and these are displayed in suitably prominent locations, which are accessible to University employees.

Latest revision 6th April 2009

The HSE issued the latest revision of the health and safety poster and leaflet on 6th April 2009. There is a five year transitional period for these and any previous versions of the poster and leaflet must be replaced by the new versions no later than 5 April 2014. The new versions are easy to read and set out in simple terms, using numbered lists of basic points, what employers and workers must do, and tell you what to do if there is a problem.

Please indicate to commercial firms who may be pressurising your school etc to purchase individual posters that this matter is being dealt with centrally.

Whilst there is no requirement for individual schools to do so, schools who wish to purchase their own copy of the ‘Health and Safety Law' poster may do so at any bookstore by quoting ISBN reference No. 9780717663392 (semi-rigid version) or online via the link below.

Please note:

The current health and safety law posters can be displayed until 5 April 2014. The Health and Safety Department have purchased the revised posters.

Please get in touch with the Department if you would like a new poster to replace any old style ones in your buildings/premises.

Content of poster

Health and Safety Law Poster

The poster includes two sections for contact information. One section allows for the names and contact details of local health and safety representatives, i.e., local School/Area Safety Advisers and trade union-appointed safety representatives. These contact details can be accessed via Trade Union Safety Representatives and School/Area Safety Advisers.

The other section allows for the names and contact details of other health and safety contacts, i.e., the corporate Health and Safety Department.

Law leaflet

The leaflet that employers can give to workers, instead of displaying the poster, is now in the form of a pocket card. A downloadable version of this is available on the HSE website.

Audio version

In addition, an audio version of - Health and Safety Law: What you should know - is available as an MP3 version on the HSE Talking leaflets website.