Health & Safety Department


Codes of Practice and guidance documents produced by the Health and Safety Department which are relevant to work within Laboratories (mainly Chemical) or Workshops within the University.

Chemical Laboratories

Laboratory hygiene

Following Code of Practice CS CoP001 Laboratory hygiene will minimise risk to laboratory users.

Good laboratory practice

The object of Code of Practice CS CoP002 Good laboratory practice is to provide a standard for good laboratory practice when working with chemicals rather than attempt to be specific regarding either substances or procedures.

Please also ensure you have read and understood all the Codes of Practice relating to chemical hazards.


Instruction, supervision and training

Guidance on instruction, supervision and training required when working in chemical laboratories is available in the Hazardous Substances section - Instruction, supervision and training.



General laboratory design and equipment

Codes of Practice and guidance on general laboratory design and equipment.

General laboratory management

Guidance and advice on management of general or chemical laboratories including emergency procedures, end of working day or overnight experiments and decommissioning.

Cleaning / Maintenance

Guidance and advice for Contractors and staff cleaning or maintaining labs or decommissioning labs after use.

Sharps, glass and splashes from substances

How to reduce the risk of accidents with glass, sharps and splashes from substances with a risk of infection and what to do if you have an accident or incident.


Guidance on sensitisers in the workplace.

Pressure vessels

Guidance on pressure vessels.

Legionella management

How the University manages the risk from legionella