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Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and Environmental Information Regulations (Scotland) give members of the public the right to access to information held by the University.

Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act requires the University to adopt, maintain, publish and review from time to time a publication scheme.

A publication scheme is a list of the sorts of information that the University will make available on a routine basis.

The Health and Safety Departments submission can be found in Section 11 - Health and Safety.

Making a Request

To make a Freedom of Information request, email the Freedom of Information Practitioner:

Freedom of Information Practitioner

  • Health and Safety Department
  • The University of Edinburgh

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Charles Stewart House

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We will respond within 20 working days of this department receiving your query, providing the answer or explaining which exemptions apply.

For more information on exemptions, please see Records Management.

Retention schedule

The schedule sets out the minimum amount of time that you need to keep certain common types of health and safety records.