Strategic Plan 2016

Influencing globally

We have a long history of generating knowledge for the public good and nurturing some of the world’s best students to make a difference to the world.

Working in partnership with other universities, we will deliver solutions to problems that affect the whole world. Amid rapid globalisation, we will contribute to a collective understanding of the changing world, solve global problems and educate the next generation of leaders and influencers.

Collective strength

We will forge new transformational partnerships with business, industry, governments and academia. We will tackle the greatest challenges through this collective strength and deliver benefits to those  most in need.  We will maintain and strengthen our partnerships with European institutions and we will deepen our engagement in key regions  of the world where new opportunities are emerging in research and teaching.

Generating the greatest global impact commits us to developing more strategic, collaborative and reflexive ways of communicating and working within the University as well as via external partnerships. We will work to get maximum impact from an international strategy that harnesses our global offices and all internationally engaged communities within the University. This collaboration  will drive and shape our ambition. 

Global  community

Our global community of staff, students, alumni and supporters is key to our future success.

We will develop greater engagement with the community in and beyond Edinburgh, building on our tradition of attracting and working with the world’s best talent.

Our reputation as a world leader in research and our excellent graduate employment record act as a catalyst to encourage the best students and most highly regarded staff to come to the University from across the globe.

Increased support

We will enable our students to fulfil their full potential, regardless of where they come  from, with increased financial and pastoral support. We will create opportunities for our students to exchange ideas, share their values and shape the world in which they live.

Our global exchange, understanding and dialogue with the world are fundamental to how we operate. We will ensure that the ways in which we engage with the world are life-changing, ethical and impactful. This applies  to all our activity, from procurement to investment. We will create new opportunities and support for more of our students to work, study and volunteer in Europe and further afield. We will offer all of our students an international learning experience, even while physically in Edinburgh.

Expanding perspectives

Our staff and students will experience and learn from different global values, cultures and ways of living. We will diversify our portfolio of academic studies that expand our understanding of international perspectives, across cultural and language studies.

To advance our global engagement we will:

  • deliver transformational global partnerships across business, industry and academia;
  • increase the range  of opportunities and support  for our students to work, study and volunteer abroad through Erasmus+ and other schemes;
  • improve access to an Edinburgh  degree for the world’s brightest  and best,  irrespective of their background;
  • extend our profile and reputation  across key regions  of the world by promoting  our excellent research, student experience and facilities and the opportunities offered by the city of Edinburgh;
  • expand our online learning portfolio, building our international community of learners  and creating opportunities to engage with an Edinburgh  experience.