Learn more about the alumni who studied at the University during the 1910s.

Jung Bahadur Singh

Jung Bahadur Singh illustration
After graduating Jung Bahadur Singh became a medical official and politician who fought for universal suffrage, workers’ rights and religious freedom in the Guyanese colony.

Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah

Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah was an Afghani-Indian, who attended Edinburgh the late 1910s. He established himself as a writer and diplomat, reporting on international relations.

Clara Marguerite Christian

Clara Marguerite Christian was a Dominican-born woman, widely recognised as the first black woman student enrolled at the University of Edinburgh.

Finandra Nath Bose

Finandra Nath Bose was an Indian artist whose sculptures can be seen across Scotland. He was the first Indian sculptor to achieve recognition in Britain.

Herbert Christian Bankole-Bright

Herbert Christian Bankole-Bright illustration
H.C. Bankole-Bright qualified as physician in 1910 and ran a medical practice in Sierra Leone, before becoming a prominent journalist and politician.