Transitions and Mentoring Toolkit

Transitions Toolkit

This site is for International students to navigate the challenges that can appear when they transition into a new way of life and a new academic environment.

Transitioning into a new environment

When International students come to study abroad, they frequently encounter different ways of learning, as well as new academic cultures with differing views and ways of doing things.

In this Toolkit,  a team of Mastercard Foundation Scholars and researchers from Africa share some of the learnings that they have acquired, exploring experiences and understandings of transitioning into “new” cultural, social, and academic spaces.

This Toolkit captures some of the key issues that Mastercard Foundation Scholars face as international students, and it offers information, practical advice and resources intended to support them, and other African International students.

Below you can find the different sections that together make the Transitions Toolkit.

Academic Transitions

Three Mastercard Foundation scholars in a classroom
Academic transitions refer to significant changes in a student's life that can also happen alongside other important transitions.

Cultural Transitions

Two African scholars smiling and laying on the grass in the sun.
Resources that can help you manage and think about the process of cultural transition.

Transitions for Wellbeing

Joyous scholar on hilltop looking out over Edinburgh
Resources to support wellbeing as international students move into an unfamiliar educational and cultural setting.