Global Compassion Initiative


An overview of projects and activities.

The Global Compassion Initiative has bold ambitions. We are exploring a number of projects to catalyse and embed the evidence and practice of compassion within the University and in our relationships in the city, in Scotland and the world.

OUR MAP OF COMPASSION Mapping across the University all of the teaching, therapies and research on compassion.
COMPASSION LIVING LAB Co-created and managed this lab will draw together research and insights from conversations on compassion in order to translate evidence into actionable bites;  it will foster a networks of practice within and beyond the university.  
WELCOME WEEK A series of interactive sessions for new students as they start at the University led by prominent leaders and alumni. They will be structured across five themes:  'Who am I?',' Where am I?', 'What am I?', 'How am I?' and 'Why am I here?'. This series will contribute to the University’s welcome and affirm our compassionate University principles. It will be supported through a Common MOOC on Compassion and Courage.
PORTFOLIO OF CITIZENSHIP Our Students will shape and change the world for the better.  In the future we envisage that all students would have the option (and be encouraged) to graduate with both a Degree and a Portfolio of Citizenship. This would strengthen student experience, mental health and employability. Additionally, this would collectively show how Edinburgh as a University and our student population are actively contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through an online platform and 360 degree reviews, students would provide evidence of their compassion practice/outreach – including reflections on their learning.   
COMPASSION INDEX Drawing on work of Don Berwick (Compassion and the Health Sector, Kings Fund research looking at health equality and improvement thinking), we are developing a Compassion Index that highlights small and big acts that affect how an organisation or group is able to integrate compassion principles within how it operates. We envisage a publicly accessible dashboard/tool for organisation leaders which will set a benchmark for compassion engagement across services and show how this contributes to local and global change  
CAMPUS CONVERSATION EVENTS We host diverse events to deepen our understanding of compassion and how we can embed compassion in our personal and collective practice. We are also developing a series of ‘hosting good conversations’ – compassion catalysers – drawing together people and modelling practices of transforming conversations in teaching and learning spaces.
ONLINE PRESENCE Expanding the microsite on the University of Edinburgh website  to act as a portal for the work and projects of the Global Compassion Initiative, including a wide range of resources and emerging research, and profiling upcoming events.