Save Charles Lyell's notebooks

British Geological Survey

Statement from John Ludden, CEO, British Geological Survey.  

“The British Geological Survey (BGS) is delighted that the University of Edinburgh is looking to acquire the notebooks of Sir Charles Lyell which are of great geological and historical importance. Lyell was a leading geologist of his generation and it would be very fitting for them to be curated in Scotland for the benefit of future generations.

 “BGS and Heriot-Watt University chose to name our joint base in Edinburgh, the Lyell Centre, after Sir Charles Lyell. This strategic partnership, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, the Scottish Funding Council and Heriot-Watt University, enables us to work together combining our expertise in geoscience. Exploring themes ranging from geology and geophysics to marine ecosystems, the centre’s combination of pure and applied expertise employs innovative methods and technologies to society’s most important environmental science and energy challenges.

 “It is our ambition to maintain the legacy of Sir Charles Lyell, and embody his fundamental principles of a strong and intellectually flexible approach to new data and evidence, providing impartial and expert earth and marine geoscience, both nationally and internationally.”


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