Edinburgh International Data Facility

Safe haven services

EIDF provides a range of security environments for data analysis and archive services: standard; protected data access; and safe haven. Safe havens create trusted research environments that can be tailored to meet the needs of data controllers and information governance.

Scottish National Safe Haven

We provide the infrastructure and operational systems that underpin the Scottish National Safe Haven. The National Safe Haven is owned by Public Health Scotland and governed by the eDRIS team who control access and manage all research enquiries.

University of Edinburgh Data Safe Haven [early adopter]

EIDF hosts the University's own Data Safe Haven, a trusted research environment for University academics and their collaborators.

Private safe havens [early adopter]

EIDF hosts a number of private safe havens for DDI partners. We co-create safe havens with our partners within our secure perimeter but isolated from any and all others. Each safe haven is governed independently.

Security and information governance

You can find details of our approach to data security, trusted research environments and information governance on our "security and governance" pages, on the main menu.

Security and governance in EIDF