Edinburgh International Data Facility


EIDF provides computing, data management, IoT and safe haven services for the DDI programme, and offers bespoke customisation and service co-creation for DDI partners, researchers and innovators.

Where services are still under development we label them "[in development]". Where services are in use by a small number of early adopters we label them "[early adopter]". Services without a particular label are generally available. 

Service catalogue

EIDF's service catalogue will grow and change over the coming years. We want EIDF to be dynamic and challenge-led, with services co-designed with partners to solve real problems. We aim to be as agile and responsive as we can be to the needs of our many stakeholders across the DDI programme. For details on access please see Access and Charges.


EIDF provides computing services designed for data science. We offer a range of services from scalable notebooks, through data science desktops to specialist compute platforms, including Europe's first Cerebras CS1 large-scale AI engine.

Data management

EIDF provides management services for the archiving and re-use of data. Our archiving service offers long-term storage and preservation for the DDI programme's data assets, while our growing analytics-ready collection makes data available for researchers and innovators.

Safe haven services

EIDF provides a range of security environments for data analysis and archive services: standard; protected data access; and safe haven. Safe havens create trusted research environments that can be tailored to meet the needs of data controllers and information governance.


EIDF provides a dedicated low-power sensor network - an Internet-of-Things - across the whole of South East Scotland to support regional research, innovation and learning. Hundreds of gateways and thousands of environmental sensors provide high resolution, real-time measurement of the weather, air quality and biodiversity coverage.

Bespoke services

We work with partners from across the DDI programme to co-create and tailor services to meet their needs. Using a building block approach from the "EIDF toolkit", our engineers can work with you to solve your particular problems, whether it be data hosting, AI modelling, high-performance analytics - or something entirely new!


Overall service status (GitHub external link)


Technical documentation

Some services have additional technical documentation available, principally for developers or "power users". We host these documents at GitHub to allow a broader community to join in and contribute.

EIDF user documentation at GitHub.