For staff

Form a company

We provide a leading enterprise support service, working with staff to turn innovations into spinout opportunities, and we connect them with funding and investors.

Forming a spinout company

Once the decision has been made to create a spinout company to commercialise your technology, EI will support you in making the transition to the commercial arena as easy as possible.

Support for University staff

We have the expertise and experience to provide practical support at every stage of setting up a company. We help staff understand the commercial potential, offer practical and confidential advice and help find the funding and facilities that the business may need.

Student entrepreneur support

Edinburgh Innovations runs a free service for our student entrepreneurs. We provide start-up advice and a business support service for University of Edinburgh students who want to turn their business ideas into a reality.

Programmes and awards

Throughout the year there are numerous programmes and awards open to University researchers, academics and students to assist in the entrepreneurial journey.


An entrepreneurial toolkit allowing staff to develop their entrepreneurial ideas.

Meet the team (secured)

Whether you are a researcher or a student, find out how EI’s Enterprise Services team can help you realise your entrepreneurial aspirations.