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Form a company

We provide a leading enterprise support service, working with you to turn innovations into spinout opportunities, and we connect you with funding and investors. With our support, university spinouts and staff-launched startups have an enviable record of success and longevity.

We welcome early-stage discussions, so if you are thinking about forming a company, please contact the team to discuss your ideas. 

Why start a company?

This introduction helps you consider whether forming a company could be the most appropriate way to realise the greatest impact from your research.

Meet the team

Meet and contact your friendly and experienced colleagues who will support you through the formation of new University of Edinburgh spinouts and startups.

Process for company approval

Find details of the process you need to follow so your company proposition can obtain approval from the University of Edinburgh.

EI company support

Find details of spinout support available including IP management, market research, business planning, funding, and building your team.

Spinout support guide

An overview of what to consider when establishing a spinout


Edinburgh Innovations provides staff from The University of Edinburgh with a variety of online courses so you can build your knowledge, skills, and confidence on key business topics at your own pace.


This is a useful section of digital entrepreneurial tools you can explore to develop your entrepreneurial ideas.

Funding and awards

Taking your idea to market and operating and growing a business will require an injection of cash, in some cases, considerable sums.


Definitions of commonly used words and technical phrases

Case studies

See how your peers from The University of Edinburgh have started companies grounded in their areas of research, and what support they’ve benefitted from along the way.