E4 Doctoral Training Partnership

Current DTP Students

The E4 DTP takes on board one cohort of about 25 students every year.

There are currently more than 100 NERC DTP students at the University of Edinburgh, registered across five different schools, which forms a lively and multidisciplinary DTP student community.

E4 Cohort 2022

Students from Cohort 2022

E4 Cohort 2021

E4 DTP Cohort 2021 at Firbush
Students from Cohort 2021

E4 Cohort 2020

E4 DTP Cohort 2020
Students from Cohort 2020

E4 Cohort 2019

E4 cohort 2019 at Firbush
Students from cohort 2019

E3 Cohort 2018

Students from cohort 2018

E3 Cohort 2017

Students from cohort 2017