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2005 publication highlights

Selected publications for 2005, alphabetically by first author.

Bosch OJ, Meddle SL, Beiderbeck DI, Douglas AJ, Neuman ID (2005) Brain oxytocin regulates maternal aggression in lactating rats. Journal of Neuroscience 25:6807-6815.

Brunton PJ, Meddle SL, Ma S, Ochedalski T, Douglas AJ, Russell JA (2005) Endogenous opioids and reduced neuroendocrine stress responses to immune challenge in pregnant rats. Journal of Neuroscience 25:5117-5126.

Flatman PW (2005) Activation of ferret erythrocyte Na+-K+-2Cl- cotransport by deoxygenation. Journal of Physiology 563:421-431.

Klose RJ, Sarraf SA, Schmiedeberg L, Stancheva I, Bird A (2005) DNA binding selectivity of MeCP2 due to a requirement for A/T sequences adjacent to methyl-CpG. Molecular Cell 19:667-678.

McCartney CE, McClafferty H, Huibant J-M, Rowan EG, Shipston MJ, Rowe ICM (2005) A cysteine rich motif confers hypoxia sensitivity to mammalian BK channel alpha-subunits. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 102:17870-17876.

Millar JK, Pickard BS, Mackie S, James R, Christie S, Buchanan SR, Malloy MP, Chubb JE, Huston E, Baillie G, Thomson PA, Hill EV, Brandon NJ, Rain J-C, Camargo C, Whiting PJ, Houslay MD, Blackwood DHR, Muir WJ, Porteous DJ (2005) DISC1 and PDE4B are interacting genetic factors in schizophrenia that regulate cAMP signalling. Science 310:1187-1191.

Wilson WH, Schroeder DC, Allen MJ, Holden MTG, Parkhill J, Barrell BG, Churcher C, Hamlin N, Mungall K, Norbertczak H, Quail MA, Price C, Rabbinowitsch E, Walker D, Craigon M, Roy D, Ghazal P (2005) Complete genome sequence and lytic phase transcription profile of a Coccolithovirus. Science 309:1090-1092.