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Antonis Asiminas

My research focuses on understanding cognition in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Dr Antonis Asiminas (PhD)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • 1 George Square
  • Edinburgh, EH8 9JZ

Contact details

Personal profile

  • 2016  PhD in Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh.
  • 2012 MSc in Biochemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece. 
  • 2009 BSc in Biochemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece. 


The aim of my work is first to investigate the neural basis of the behavioural and cognitive impairments in rat model of intellectual disabilities, and second to investigate the therapeutic potential of candidate treatments. To do that I use validated and novel behavioural tasks as well as in-vivo electrophysiology in awake and behaving animals.

“Using spontaneous object exploration tasks to explore cognitive deficts in rats models of intellectual disabilities”


Recent publications

  • Till, S.M., Asiminas, A., Jackson, A.D., Katsanevaki, D., Barnes, S.A., Osterweil, E., Bear, M.F., Chattarji, S., Wood, E.R., Wyllie, D.J.A and Kind, P.C. (2015)Conserved hippocampal cellular pathophysiology but distinct behavioral deficits in a new rat model of FXS. Human Molecular Genetics, 24(21):5977-5984.
  • Asiminas, A.*, Jackson, A.D.*, Louros, S.R.†, Till, S.M.†, Spano, T., Dando, O., Bear, M.F., Chattarji, S., Hardingham, G.E., Osterweil, E.K.‡, Wyllie, D.J.A.‡, Wood, E.R.§, and Kind, P.C.§ (2019) Sustained correction of associative learning deficits after brief, early treatment in a rat model of Fragile X Syndrome. Science Translational Medicine, 494(11):eaao0498     *,†,‡,§ equal contribution.