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Ines Boehm

Cellular and molecular characterisation of the mammalian neuromuscular junction in health and disease

Miss Ines Boehm

PhD Student (Gillingwater Group)

  • Hugh Robson Building
  • 15 George Square
  • Edinburgh, EH8 9XD

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Personal profile

  • BSc Molecular Biology (JKU & Salzburg University)
  • MSc Drug Discovery and Translational Biology with Distinction (The University of Edinburgh)
  • PhD Biomedical Sciences - Integrative Physiology (The University of Edinburgh)


Building on recent studies of the healthy human neuromuscular junction (NMJ) the PhD project sought to examine the human NMJ in disease and whether predictions made from mouse models can be applied to humans. Furthermore, this project aimed to identify mammalian models that more closely resemble human NMJ morphology which could be used as alternatives to the mouse. Additional to morphological NMJ analysis of the human and the mammalian NMJ, molecular pathways that might contribute to human NMJ stability during healthy ageing of muscle were investigated, as this knowledge can aid in the generation of more translatable models and therapies.

Supervisors: Prof Tom Gillingwater, Dr. Ross Jones


Alhindi, A.*, Boehm, I.*, Chaytow, H.; (2021). Small Junction, Big Problems: Neuromuscular Junction Pathology in Mouse Models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Journal of Anatomy, 00, 1-19 (*joint first author) Alhindi, A.*, Boehm, I.*, Forsythe, R.O., Miller, J., Skipworth, R.J.E., Simpson, A.H.R.W., Jones, R. A., & Gillingwater, T. H.; (2021) Terminal Schwann Cells at the Human Neuromuscular Junction. BRAIN communications, 3(2) (*joint first author)

Boehm, I.*, Miller, J.*, Wishart, T. M., Wigmore, S. J., Skipworth, R. J. E., Jones, R. A., & Gillingwater, T. H. (2020). Neuromuscular junctions are stable in patients with cancer cachexia. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 130(3), 1461–1465.

Minty, G.*, Hoppen, A.*, Boehm, I.*, Alhindi, A., Gibb, L., Potter, E., Wagner, B. C., Miller, J., Skipworth, R. J. E., Gillingwater, T. H., & Jones, R. A. (2020). aNMJ-morph: a simple macro for rapid analysis of neuromuscular junction morphology. Royal Society Open Science, 7(4), 200128 (*joint first author)

Boehm, I.*, Alhindi, A.*, Leite, A.S., Logie, C., Gibbs, A., Murray, O., Farrukh, R., Pirie, R., Proudfoot, C., Clutton, R., Wishart, T. M., Jones, R. A., & Gillingwater, T. H. (2020). Comparative Anatomy of the Mammalian Neuromuscular Junction. Journal of Anatomy, 237:827-836