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Veronique Miron awarded MRC senior non-clinical fellowship working within Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences



Well done to Veronique Miron who has been awarded a MRC senior non-clinical fellowship working within Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences.   She will be investigating ‘the role of microglia in myelin integrity and cognition in health and ageing’.

Veronique’s Research:

"Cognitive decline with ageing is robustly linked to loss of integrity of myelin, yet the mechanisms controlling myelin integrity in ageing are unknown. Work by my lab and others has shown that microglia regulate myelin integrity in youth and are dysregulated in ageing, leading to my proposal that microglia dysregulation in ageing contributes to loss of myelin integrity and cognitive decline. We will address this first by determining which pathways are dysregulated in aged microglia and myelin-forming oligodendrocytes, via transcriptomics of mouse and human brain tissue - the latter correlated to measures of cognition in late life from the same individuals. Second, we will causally link microglia with loss of myelin integrity with ageing by transplantation of aged microglia into microglia-deficient mice and young mice, and assessing impacts on myelin integrity. Third, we will assess how rejuvenation of aged microglia impacts myelin integrity and cognition, by manipulating microglia at the cellular and molecular levels. The outcome of the proposal will be identification of new targets and strategies to restore myelin integrity and cognitive function with ageing, leading to follow on work understanding mechanisms of cognitive decline in neurodegenerative diseases."

Welcome and best wishes Veronique!


Miron Lab: www.mironlab.co.uk