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Article 'Neocortex saves energy by reducing coding precision during food scarcity' published in Neuron

Well done to all from the lab of @RochefortLab with @KatsanevakiD and Nathalie Dupuy, for this article which is now published in Neuron, looking at how the metabolically-expensive, mammalian brain adapts to food scarcity.

Picture that Research! 2021 G2PD Image competition

G2PD Team announce "Picture that Research" - our first Postdoc Image Competition.

New paper from the Cousin lab published in Science Advances

The work uncovers how the non-canonical SNARE protein VAMP4 controls the probability of neurotransmitter release by coupling synaptic vesicle recycling to a major metabolic and signaling hub in neurons, the endolysosomal system.

Anatomy PhD student wins award from The Anatomical Society

Congratulations to Christina Loukopoulou!