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New paper in Brain from the Cousin lab

A case series - SYT1-associated neurodevelopmental disorder

A new paper from Robin Beaven in the Denholm lab

New insight into Wnt signalling in animal development.

A new book by Professor Gareth Leng

How hormonal signals in one small structure of the brain—the hypothalamus—govern our physiology and behavior.

Professor Jamie Davies awarded MRC project grant

The grant has been awarded for the research project "Advancing renal tissue engineering: equipping tissue-engineered kidneys with a ureter".

Sir Henry Dale Fellowship to Dr Gülsen Sürmeli

Many congratulations to Dr Gülsen Sürmeli who has been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust/Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellowship.

Chris Henstridge awarded place on Scottish Crucible

Chris Henstridge talks about Scottish Crucible

'What if we could cure jet lag with a single eye drop'

Prof Mike Ludwig explains the scientific background to this theory.

Scottish Government funding boost for MND research led by Giles Hardingham

Scottish Government funding boost for MND research led by Giles Hardingham

Major overview of advances in therapy for spinal muscular atrophy published

Article appears in Nature Reviews Neurology 9th Feb 2018

Synapse loss may underlie brain changes in MND

Dr Chris Henstridge and Professor Tara Spires-Jones (both Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) and colleagues have published a study which sheds light on how motor neurone disease (MND) affects the processes within the brain.