MSc in the Clinical Management of Pain

About our programme

Pain is a complex and difficult experience; familiar to most of us yet at the same time deeply personal, it has been considered both an emotional and a physical experience at various times to different degrees. Despite advances in medicine, its highly individual impact on people’s lives has made it a challenge for clinical management. Health services have been changing the way they offer help to people, moving beyond medical treatment whilst making informed choices about the best use of resources.

The Programme

The Clinical Management of Pain programme has been developed to tackle the ‘real-world’ challenges faced by clinicians, with a strong focus and connection to patient and working in practice.  It is a multidisciplinary programme which aims to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence for clinicians working with people experiencing pain using up-to-date evidence in a modern teaching environment. 

The University of Edinburgh is recognised globally for its research, development and innovation, and has been providing students with a world-class education for more than 425 years.  The Pain Management programme offered by the Department of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine has, for nearly twenty years, integrated current clinical research with high-level academic and professional input.  As a postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, you will become part of a supportive online community, able to take advantage of the University’s strong academic tradition, while studying together students and tutors from across the world.

Developed for working clinicians

The programme is delivered entirely online with no requirement to attend the University of Edinburgh.

It was designed specifically for this way of learning and the online platform allows working clinicians from a range of professions, backgrounds and countries the opportunity to whilst meeting their personal and professional commitments. 

The University of Edinburgh has a growing portfolio of established and highly regarded online distance learning postgraduate programmes, with thousands of students currently taking advantage of this mode of education.  Learning online not only allows clinicians to learn whilst they work, but they can also connect to a range of people from different places around the world and share rich and varied experiences.  Our suite of pain management programmes is aimed at healthcare professionals – anywhere in the world - who want to improve the care of people living with pain.  More information on learning in this way can be found in the ‘Being an Online Student’ section.