Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma

Orthopaedics and Trauma Current Projects

Below is a list of our current projects


Edinburgh Orthopaedics Research Database Colin Howie  
TRIO (Targeted Rehabilitation to Improve Outcome) in total knee replacement Hamish Simpson  
Imaging of the musculoskeletal system using freehand 3D ultrasound Hamish Simpson  
Long term outcomes of acetabular fracture management John Keating/Chloe Scott/Tim White  
Incorporation of the biceps tendon improves surgical outcomes in arthroscopic reconstruction of massive rotator cuff tears Julie McBirnie  
One year outcomes of revision total knee arthroplasty(TKA) using the Triathlon TS implant Richard Burnett/Nick Clement  
The effect of ACL injury on knee osteoarthritis Chloe Scott/John Keating  
Patterns of hip and knee osteoarthritis Colin Howie/Nick Clement  
Predictors for length of stay hip and knee arthroplasty Colin Howie  
Patient reported outcomes: shoulders  under 18 years of age at time of surgery Julie McBirnie  
Unicompartmental Knees at 10 years Chloe Scott  
Patient reported outcomes following shoulder fracture Mike Robinson  
Perceptions of kneeling ability and kneeling function following total knee arthroplasty Rida Benfayed/Hamish Simpson  
Does patient controlled analgesia(PCA) have a role in post-operative management of lower limb arthroplasty? Paul Gaston  
Outcomes follwing hip arthroscopy using NAHR minimum dataset: does it show a benefit? Paul Gaston  
Cemented total hip replacement following acetabular fracture Sam Patton/John Keating/Chloe Scott  
The use of endo-buttons for fixation of lateral clavicle fractures Mike Robinson  
Review of lesser toe proximal phalanx 2010  - 2016 John McKinley  
Review of distal metatarsal metaphyseal osteotomy (DMMO) John McKinley  
Complex bone restoration and semi-constrained revision TKA using Triathlon TS implant and cone augments Richard Burnett  
Return to work for patient <65 years of age following lower limb arthroplasty: retirement plans Chloe Scott/Steffen Breusch  
The catastrophising  arthroplasty patient  Colin Howie/Nick Clement  
Revision total knee replacement using a semi-constrained implant for non-infective causes: a 100 patient, single surgeon series Richard Burnett/Nick Clement  
Exploring variation in outcome score response in UK and Swiss cohorts Colin Howie  
Can arthroplasty Stem Influence Outcome(CASINO): a randomised controlled equivalence trial of 125mm v 150mm Exeter stems in total hip arthroplasty  Hamish Simpson/Colin Howie  
Association between the forgotten joint (FJS) concept and satisfaction Colin Howie  
Who needs post-operative physiotherapy following lower limb arthroplasty Colin Howie  
Creating treatment success threshold values for the Oxford hip and knee scores Colin Howie  
The influence of comorbidity on patient outcomes following total hip arthroplasty Colin Howie  
The influence of obesity on patient outcomes following total knee arthroplasty Colin Howie  
English language validation of the forgotten joint score(FJS) Colin Howie  
Prospective review of minimally invasive Achilles tendon stripping John McKinley  
Total hip replacement: one year outcomes, diabetes and diabetic control Matt Moran  
Return to work and recreation after total knee replacement: what should we tell patients? Steffen Breusch/Chloe Scott  
Ankle fractures and fibular nails: clinical and patient reported outcomes Tim White  
The outcome of 'discretionary' TKR revision surgeries Frazer Wade/Chloe Scott  
Outcome of total hip arthroplasty in patients with Paget's disease of the bone Stuart Ralston  
Can outcome scores be used retrospectively to collect accurate pre-operative data in primary hip and knee arthroplasty patients Matt Moran  
Orthopaedic theatre utilisation audit Gavin McPherson  
The role of prolonged microbiological culture in revision hip and knee arthroplasty for aeseptic loosening Phil Simpson  
Arthroplasty, obesity, deprivation Hamish Simpson/Colin Howie  
Audit of forefoot arthroplasty Steffen Breusch  
Anatomical restoration and patient reported outcomes in total hip replacements Matt Moran  
Pre-operative cardiovascular assessment of elective orthopaedic surgery patients Colin Howie  
Functional outcomes in lower limb arthroplasties following revision surgery and infection Steffen Breusch  
Patient reported outcomes following surgery for Mortons Neuroma Steffen Breusch  
The prevalence of knee pain following intramedullary nailing: a retrospective analysis based on surgical and patient reported outcomes Tim White