Late Onset Retinal Degeneration (L-ORD)

The Patient Perspective

Gordon Hastie and John Playfair in this interview describe the family history of L-ORD


The Hastie family are from the Haddington area in East Lothian, with a history of L-ORD in the family.  Gordon Hastie and his cousin John Playfair in this interview describe the history of L-ORD in the family and how it has affected their lives. 




John Playfair has the condition, which typically starts as a delay in adjusting sight in light and dark conditions, then progressive loss of sight, to blindness.


"Age doesn’t guarantee it, my mother stopped driving when she was 50, I could keep going to 60," John says.

John Playfair



"Good health and general well being seems to slow its onset. It’ll never stop it, it can’t stop it, but it’ll slow it. It’s not life threatening but it’s hugely life changing."

John Playfair



"It’s the unknown, the deterioration rate is unknown. They say it goes in steps, but they don’t know how far away the steps are or how steep those steps are."

John Playfair