Edinburgh Imaging

Aims & learning outcomes

To disseminate medical image analysis knowledge, skills and understanding, in order to enable effective and efficient medical image analysis use, in research, clinically and in industry.

Image Analysis
Aims of our flexible, intermittent, part-time, online distance learning (ODL) programme:
  • To provide an understanding of medical image analysis theory, techniques, analysis and applications
  • To develop research planning and designing skills, incorporating medical image analysis
  • To enable interpretation and analysis of relevant medical image analysis data
  • To relate medical image analysis research to clinical applications


Learning outcomes for students who complete the full Certificate (Cert) programme:
  • Demonstrate subject specific knowledge and understanding in theoretical and practical aspects of medical image analysis and processing
  • Develop specialised skills and a critical understanding of advanced principles of image analysis and processing, using the MATLAB platform
  • Gain critical insight into challenges underpinning image analysis, including image enhancement and compensating for artefacts
  • Develop specialised skills to interpret medical images critically and to communicate the findings to a range of audiences
  • Appraise various machine learning architectures and algorithms used in image segmentation, clustering and classification


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