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Image analysis visual tools

Edinburgh Imaging rating tools and HARNESS MR protocols and repository, software tools, and radiology review tools.

Edinburgh Imaging rating tools 

Visual rating guides, templates & validated proformas for data collection, mostly developed locally by Edinburgh Imaging.

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This report describes the data related to the article entitiled: “Relationship between inferior frontal sulcal hyperintensities on brain MRI, ageing and cerebral small vessel disease”.

1. User guide for Inferior Frontal Sulcal Hyperintensity (IFSH) Scale This user guide with detailed definition, description and clear examples aims to rate objectively and reproducibly the amount of hyperintensity demonstrated in the CSF in the inferior frontal sulci of the brain.

2. Inferior Frontal Sulcal Hyperintensity (IFSH) Scale template.


Hwee Fang Lim

 Jun-Fang Zhang

Joanna Wardlaw

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HARmoNising Brain Imaging MEthodS for VaScular Contributions to Neurodegeneration (HARNESS)

Methods for analysis of images of small vessel disease: MR protocols (vendor-specific MR protocols), MR repository (MR image datasets), software tools (SVD- related neuroimaging tools), and radiology review tools.

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