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A heartfelt thanks and holiday wishes from our centre

With Christmas and holiday season right before us, we are sending all our trial participants, colleagues, collaborators and friends a huge thanks for making 2016 a great year and hope you have a fantastic end of the year.

It has been an exciting year for dementia research, from the Alzheimer’s Association conference in Toronto where it was recognised that the key to dementia studies is involving a pre-dementia healthy population to finalising plans to open up a huge UK Dementia Research Institute in London. While the eagerly anticipated solanezumab did not bring the breakthrough in dementia treatment the world had been hoping for, there is a huge global interest and a growing need to develop more innovative drug studies.

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We are delighted our centre has been able to contribute towards the global effort to beat dementia and be involved or lead some ground breaking research in the field. We are deeply touched by the number of people who get in touch with us to offer to become a volunteer in our research studies. Your contribution is hugely important and a corner stone for what our research aims to do – thank you to all the people who have enrolled in our studies, who have been involved but have had to withdraw from our research and to those who are considering becoming involved in the future. We take this energy and enthusiasm to help on board from our participants and channel it to developing further cross discipline collaboration between our devoted academics and researchers.

We are positive 2017 will see more new drug studies opened up that will offer hope for millions of people and families affected by dementia. Our priority is to keep bringing highest quality research into the dementia sphere and work towards safe guarding dementia funding from government and international organisations despite any political change. We are therefore hugely excited for the next year and plan to reach even more potential participants with our recruitment efforts to give more people a chance to contribute towards dementia research and be able to play a huge role in gathering meaningful data for understanding dementia.