Chaplaincy Staff

Details and contact information for our staff team which is made up of our Chaplains, our Chaplaincy Receptionist and Administrative Staff.

University Chaplain

Revd Dr Harriet Harris is the University Chaplain and Head of the Chaplaincy Service.

Associate Chaplain - Rev Geoffrey Baines

Geoffrey Baines is one of our Associate Chaplains.

Associate Chaplain - Revd Dr Urzula Glienecke

Urzula Glienecke, PhD, is one of our Associate Chaplains.

Mindfulness Chaplain - Dr Kitty Wheater

Dr Kitty Wheater is the Mindfulness Chaplain, and runs the UoE Mindfulness Programme for students and staff.


The Chaplaincy Administrator does much of the administrative behind-the-scenes work at the Chaplaincy.

Receptionist - John Aliscio

John Aliscio is the Chaplaincy Receptionist. He is usually the first person you'll meet as you enter the building. John is the first point of contact for any booking enquiries about Chaplaincy spaces.

Chaplaincy Listener. Administrative and Mindfulness Assistant - Kat Mackay

Kat Mackay is one of the resident Chaplaincy Listeners. Kat also works as our Administrative and Mindfulness Assistant.

Chaplaincy Listener - Lilian Lee

Lilian Lee is one of the resident Chaplaincy Listeners.