Blogs, Podcasts & Reflections

An overview of blog series, podcasts and daily reflection series created by The Chaplaincy Team.

For Times Like These

Two flower silhouettes in front of a evening night sky
Blogs to help us through COVID19 lockdowns and meltdowns, and to raise our spirits

Podcast: Let's Talk - Life in Lockdown

Blue background with the text #LetsTalk within a white speech bubble
Harriet Harris, University Chaplain, brings us another season of her captivating podcast Let’s Talk, in partnership with the Students’ Association

Daily Prayers and Reflections

Image of a sun set, over a pond and marshland
The Chaplaincy team will be sharing a daily prayer or reflection chosen by one of our team.

Student Mental Health and Online Engagement Podcast

Details of Student Mental Health and Online Engagement Podcast.

To our 2020 graduates: a Message and a Poem for your futures

Blue doodle with the text: and in the end there is the beginning of a story
Pandemic or no-pandemic, we can still find vision and purpose.