The ZJE Institute (Zhejiang University - University of Edinburgh)

Fun on the trail 2020

On a warm Autumn morning of the 11th October 2020, ZJU-UoE institute organized a 10K trail-walk aimed to encourage team spirit and help build relationships between teachers and students.

images of ZJE students and staff completing the trail walk 2020

Nearly 400 teachers and students from ZJE, other joint institutes and campus units took part.

ZJE Vice Dean Ye Chen provided words of encouragement before the walkers set off on the two part trail-walk around the cuckoo lake and around the campus.

Tasks along the route included taking group photos and completing games. Working together to complete the tasks, new friends and old talked, laughed and encouraged each other all the way to the finish line.

Once souvenirs were collected, names signed on the spray painting, and group photos taken, the trail-walk activity was successfully completed. Every participant also received a ZJE passport, marked with a "trail-walk" stamp.

images of ZJE students and staff taking part in the trail walk 2020

One thing that I want to highlight from ZJE 2020 Trail-walk as a sport event is that it is inclusive for everyone despite their sport ability. I think having inclusive event like this will make everyone feel appreciated and belong to the ZJE family. It also helps breaking the barriers between the International and Chinese members of ZJE.

PhD student IAN MELIALA 

In this trail-walk activity, I was honored to be a team leader. With the sunrise, the sky is so bright, the ground is so wide, the feeling is so rippling, the heart is so waves, the beautiful scenery is accompanied by friends all the way, what a wonderful memory.

BMI student Xinyue Huang

Although the sun is very bright, although we have been walking for a long time and were tired at last, the perseverance of “Left Behind” team is perfect. We have gained growth, friendship and positive energy.

BMS student Pengwei Yu

I believe that all participants today can understand what Trail-walk is. The participants walked ten kilometers under the sun, which was a test of perseverance. Volunteers accompany the participants, busy but fulfilling. Everyone gains a lot through ZJE Trail-walk.

BMS student Lingyun Jin(Volunteer)

It's the best reward for scientific research workers to have a walk in the beautiful autumn, enjoy the pleasant sunshine and boundless scenery. What's more, you have many friends to walk with you. ZJE trail-walk not only liberates us from the busy scientific research life, but also gives us a chance to blow the breeze on the lake, enjoy the time with your friend. Although this activity has just ended, we are looking forward to the coming of the next trail-walk.

Postdoctoral Mingxu Zhang