PG Cert/Dip Anatomical Sciences (Online Learning)

Awards: PgDip, PgCert, PgProfDev. This postgraduate certificate and diploma is a unique opportunity for students who want to explore aspects of human anatomy through the flexibility of an online learning programme.

Three different layers of the human body, Anatomage table

All courses making up the programme use innovative teaching methods to provide students with key transferable skills in addition to a solid foundation of anatomical knowledge.

Our programme in anatomical sciences is delivered entirely online and consequently relies on the use of IT, for example through the use of email, audio visual material, discussion forums and various other interactive resources.

This is a postgraduate qualification for medical, biomedical, allied health professionals and those in holistic practice with an interest in human anatomy. The programme draws upon the highly regarded teaching and research staff within the University.

Our programme

Full details about our programme can be found on the Anatomical Sciences (Online Learning) website.

Anatomical Sciences (Online Learning) website