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COVID-19 News

News about research and activities School staff and students are undertaking to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus tracking its deadly tactics inside our cells

We know alarmingly little about the biological tricks that make this coronavirus so deadly. But scientists are beginning to piece together how the virus works once it has invaded our cells. Understanding this process could reveal new ways to tackle the infection and give us a head start against future coronavirus strains.

School facility to provide essential proteins for coronavirus research

Edinburgh Protein Production Facility (EPPF) have joined a national consortium to provide medically important proteins that will aid coronavirus research.

Two-tier approach could begin lockdown end

Easing the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown could begin by strengthening protection for the most vulnerable while relaxing restrictions for everyone else, experts at the School of Biological Sciences suggest.

PhD students rise to the challenge of Covid-19

School of Biological Sciences Students from the Wellcome Trust PhD programme in Hosts, Pathogens and Global Health at the University of Edinburgh are taking on projects to help answer key questions in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Experts play key role in bid to curb Covid-19

A view of Old College quad
Researchers from across the University are rallying to support global efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Experts appointed to Covid-19 advisory group

Blue cells under a magnifying glass - © Ilya Lukichev via Getty Images
Four Edinburgh researchers have joined a group providing expert advice to the Scottish Government on its response to Covid-19.

University fast-tracks innovation to battle Covid-19

Edinburgh researchers are joining forces with commercial companies to quickly develop new technologies to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

UK launches £20m whole genome sequence alliance to map spread of coronavirus

A team of academics at the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian are part of national consortium that will look for breakthroughs that help the UK respond to this and future pandemics, and save lives.