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Professor Susan Rosser elected as a Fellow to the Learned Society of Wales

Congratulations to Susan Rosser who is among 66 new fellows from across academic and civic life in Wales and beyond.

Susan Rosser is Professor of Synthetic Biology at The University of Edinburgh, Director of the UK's Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology,  Co-director of the Edinburgh Genome Foundry for DNA synthesis and assembly and  recipient of a prestigious Chair in Emerging Technologies, designed to support global research visionaries.  As a major figure  in the field of Synthetic biology Susan is an inspirational women who is helping develop technological solutions for problems in personalised medicine and climate change. 

The Learned Society of Wales is the national academy for arts and sciences. Their  Fellowship brings together experts from across all academic fields and beyond. They use this collective knowledge to promote research, inspire learning, and provide independent policy advice.


Professor Susan Rosser
Professor Susan Rosser, Edinburgh Genome Foundry


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