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LiberEat is an app makes it easy for people with food allergies, intolerance's and other dietary requirements, to find groceries, recipes and restaurants they can enjoy.

LiberEat is on a mission to make life easier for everyone with any dietary requirements and help reduce the number of incidents of food allergies causing harm.

LiberEat is an app that makes grocery shopping, eating out and finding recipes much easier by just showing the user exactly what they, friends and family members could have. LiberEat was developed with the help of nutrition and dietetics academics, to identify and filter several ingredients including the 14 major allergens in grocery products, restaurant menus and recipes as well as determining whether each option is Vegan or Vegetarian friendly.  With the support of two NHS trusts, the Anaphylaxis Campaign and over 100K food products and 1500 restaurants on the platform so far, we aim to help the 40% of UK households who avoid a specific ingredient in their diet.

We envision through the development of data analytics and machine learning, LiberEat will be able to provide public health analytics helping improve patient outcomes for those with food allergies and intolerances and help food retailers and manufacturers improve their offerings to this growing market.


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