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LiberEat: Pioneering Safer Food Information with Unique Technology

LiberEat is at the forefront of revolutionising food safety through its groundbreaking allergen error detection technology. With an unwavering commitment to public safety, LiberEat’s innovative solution is designed to ensure the accuracy of food allergen declarations, drastically reducing the potential for consumer injuries.

LiberEat cutting-edge technology acts as a proactive shield, a second line of defence that preemptively identifies and mitigates allergen risks for food businesses by swiftly detecting allergen errors before they pose a threat to consumers.


LiberEat's versatile software empowers various food-related sectors, including manufacturers, retailers, contract caterers, and restaurant chains, in effectively curbing the risk of consumer injuries and product recalls due to undeclared allergens and other errors in food data. 

In a landscape shaped by evolving dietary trends, the surge in vegan and flexitarian diets, and the implementation of pivotal regulations like Natasha’s Law, LiberEat’s technology has never been more vital. The demand for accurate and responsible allergen data processes is paramount. 

LiberEat’s mission is to 'make food safer for everyone', safeguarding consumers while instilling peace of mind within the food business safety and quality assurance teams. 

LiberEat’s technology amplifies safety measures as the second line of defence, catching errors often missed by existing food safety processes, far outperforming anything currently on the marketplace. The Machine Learning capabilities of the LiberEat technology under development can also predict where allergen errors may appear as well as identify the mistakes we know reactively exist. 

We are interested in speaking to Food Safety professionals globally about collaborating to make food information safer for everyone.

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