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Student voices

Find out more about how our students see the world, their experiences and our university by listening to five student focused episodes of the Sharing things podcast.

Rosie and Melanie

Zoology student, Rosie Taylor and Times journalist, Melanie Reid talk about poetry, animals, empowerment, hardship and moving on.

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SJ and Mona

Medical student, SJ Sandhu and British Muslim academic, Mona Siddiqui talk about the flying frisbee of death, evocative smells and taking ownership of faith.

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Tom and Kirsty

Spanish and Portuguese student, Tom Raine and Canadian politician, Kirsty Duncan talk about the joy of listening, extreme expeditions and the Portuguese concept of longing.

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Laura and Nicha

BBC broadcast journalist, Laura Maciver and Biological Sciences student, Nicha Sarkka talk about lifelong friendships, belonging and painting with Bob Ross.

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Emma and Lorna

English Literature PhD student, Emma Aviet and Forensic Soil Scientist, Lorna Dawson talk about the colour spectrum of soil, links between science and art and the Salem witch trials.

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Each episode is a conversation between two members of our university community.  It could be a student, a member of staff or a graduate, the only thing they have in common at the beginning is Edinburgh. We start with an object. A special, treasured or significant item that we have asked each guest to bring to the conversation.

What happens next is sometimes funny, sometimes moving and always unexpected. 

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