Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh

Section 6: Gaelic plan delivery

The University will:


Alasdair Whyte at the National Gallery

Leugh sa Ghàidhlig

a. publicise this Gaelic Language Plan widely amongst staff and students. A more detailed implementation plan will be developed and used by those with larger and more specific roles in implementation.

b. maintain the Gaelic Officer post. We will investigate what additional resource will be necessary to ensure effective delivery of this plan and action accordingly.

c. ensure the Gaelic Officer keeps a list of approved translators that can be used by University staff.

d. assign responsibility for addressing staffing issues of the University’s Gaelic Language Plan. Any training requirements will be addressed as part of the University’s regular Training, Learning and Development courses and workshops.

e. develop the recruitment and selection process to address the requirements of the Gaelic Language Plan.

f. advertise bilingually posts for which Gaelic is an essential or desirable skill. Human Resources will develop guidance on how staff can advertise bilingually and will ensure that resource is available to provide translation.

g. ensure that interview panels, for posts for which Gaelic language skills are essential, include at least one Gaelic speaker who will test applicants’ Gaelic language skills as part of the selection process.