Completed projects

Musical Instrument Museums Online

The MIMO Project

The University of Edinburgh recently led the ground breaking 11-museum European project - Musical Instrument Museums Online (MIMO), which was completed in 2011.

Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments formed a key part of this project, demonstrating its significance in terms of world heritage and its importance among the major collections of Europe.

Drawing to Scale

The purpose of the Drawing to Scale project was to produce plan drawings of many of the historical keyboard instruments in the University of Edinburgh's collection - although the equipment will then be available for use for other types of music instrument. These drawings will be a record of the instruments in their current state, detailing the layout and important features of all of these historically important instruments.

The Education Project

The Education project (2008-2011), supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Russell Trust, the Sir Nicholas Shackleton Fund, and the Friends of St Cecilia's Hall & Museum. This project established a programme of outreach to new museum audiences of all ages and created the educational website funded by Museums Galleries Scotland's Recognition Scheme - Musical Instruments At Your Fingertips

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