The challenges and opportunities offered by a career in carbon capture and storage are substantial, and while the technology has yet to be proven on a truly industrial scale, there is now a unique opportunity to get in ‘on the ground floor’.

Many commentators are openly stating that the future CCS industry will be on a scale comparable to the present-day oil industry, and that implies many thousands of career opportunities worldwide.

A greener future

It is common knowledge that the oil industry offers interesting and exciting careers for those who choose to follow a career within it. It might be predicted that the CCS industry will offer similar challenges and opportunities, but of a greener colour which will appeal to a more environmentally conscious generation.

Developing countries

Opportunities to interact with developing countries will be a natural offshoot of CCS development within the developed world, with the chance of cultural exchange and cooperation for those employed within the industry.

Regulatory bodies

There is also a need for CCS expertise within regulating bodies, for example national institutions with responsibility for the built and natural environments, health and safety, and waste storage.

The University of Edinburgh has trained representatives from several UK regulatory bodies in the geological aspects of CCS, demonstrating a current interest in the new technology amongst potential employers.

Careers Service

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