A scientific foundation for the teaching of dance as an art-form.

Photograph of scene in the Heavenly View dance production at Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Scene from the 'Heavenly View' dance production at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

NameDance Science & Education
Start Date September
Modes of StudyMSc (Part-time Intermittent Study) 2-6 yrs, MSc (Full-time) 1 yr, PgDip (Part-time Intermittent Study) 1-4 yrs, PgDip (Full-time) 9 mths
Programme DirectorWendy Timmons

Why choose our Dance Science & Education programme?

Today, it is becoming critically important to the holistic nature and global development of all Dance performance and training that there are professionals within dance science and education that are appropriately resourced, challenged and inspired to take on their own frontiers and develop new ones.

Key objectives

The principal aim of this Master's programme is to provide a foundation in science that can underpin all forms of dance training and educate the development of dance as an art form. The programme has been carefully developed to focus on the scientific that is directly relevant to the process and practices involved in optimising:

  • Dance training
  • Dance education
  • Dance performance

Throughout the programme both theoretical and practical work are combined to promote learning and understanding of the key concepts required to become an effective dance scientist.

I very much enjoyed the opportunities for interdisciplinary study as part of the MSc Dance Science and Education. Opportunities to study sport science, for example, were a useful supplement to my MSc and made my work far more accomplished than it would otherwise have been.

Holly Byron-Staples

MSc Dance Science and Education

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