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Name Role Business unit(s)
Jon Wells
Cameron Werner PhD Student
Gary West Personal Chair in Scottish Ethnology, Director of the European Ethnological Research Centre
Alex Whalen PhD Philosophy
Jim Whannel Oraidiche/Teaching Fellow (Gaelic)
Diane White Usher Administrative Secretary
Susan Whittaker Research Fellow
Susan Whittaker (Student profile) Research Student
Sue Widdicombe Senior Lecturer
Ronny Wiegand Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Manager
Valeri Wiegel Research Fellow
Anna Wierzoch Administrative Secretary / Personal Assistant to Professor Aziz Sheikh
Alan Wigglesworth Depute Director of Professional Services
Laura Wigley PhD Student
Jonathan Wild Senior Lecturer
Sarah Wild Professor of Epidemiology
Dr George R Wilkes Research Fellow specialising in Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace
Alisa Wilkinson Postgraduate Administrator
David Wilkinson Buildings & Facilities Officer
Professor Heather Wilkinson Director of E-CRED