School of GeoSciences

E3: Edinburgh Earth and Environment Doctoral Training Partnership

The Edinburgh Earth and Environment Doctoral Training Partnership seeks to attract and enable the brightest PhD students to address environmental challenges, providing flexible training in a multidisciplinary setting.

Flexible programmes

The initiative is being led by Professor Peter Nienow in the University's School of GeoSciences, and brings together 28 partners from research, education, policy and industry sectors to deliver a programme of PhD training and research.

How to apply

There will be up to 21 fully-funded scholarships. There are various research projects available which can be viewed on our website with an application deadline of 22 January 2016.

Browse E3 PhD projects

If you wish to be put on a mailing list to receive more information as it becomes available, please send an email with "E3 info" in the subject line to

E3 is one of 15 Doctoral Training Partnership (DTPs) funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). The programme will provide training for at least 240 new PhD students across the UK, every year for the next five years, with the opportunity for partners to co-fund boosting the number of studentships available.

Each DTP will create a strong and active community of students that are able - and encouraged - to integrate, work, and learn together. These students will receive in-depth, advanced research training, as well as training in the professional and transferable skills essential in today’s economy.

Partnerships with industry

An integral element of the NERC DTP programme is that a minimum of 30% of the students will work with and undertake research projects with a non-academic partner. These CASE studentships will involve a 3 to 18 month placement in a workplace outside the academic environment thereby providing students with access to training, facilities and expertise not available in an academic setting alone.