Women Make Cities

Research exchange

The network hosts and participates in events that explore network themes. Researcher exchanges include lunchtime discussions, forthcoming researcher-in-residence led events associated with their emerging work, and a symposium planned for autumn 2022.

Meet over lunch

During September 2021, the network hosted three informal discussions thatĀ delved into network themes.

RiR research project exchanges

Researchers in residence are developing new work as part of the research network in 2021-2022.

Women Make Cities symposium

Women Make Cities is planning to host a symposia in autumn 2022.

Sustainable stories

In November 2021, the network participated in the Sustainable Stories conference organised by the Community Archives and Heritage Group Scotland Network.

Feminisms and cities

In November 2021, the network participated in the Feminisms and Cities seminar with UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy.

Craft your voice

Women Make Cities have partnered up with Voices of Textiles.