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University website audit

Contribute to the University web estate audit

Our web estate has grown significantly in size over recent years, and we need your help to conduct an audit of the websites run by colleagues throughout the University. 

We have been asked to collect this information by Internal Audit. It is critical that: 

  • our users have the best possible experience when using our websites 

  • we comply with relevant legislation and regulations, such as the Data Protection Act and Equalities Act 

  • the technical challenges and vulnerabilities of the University’s web estate are clear 

The information will be invaluable for the development of a new web strategy for the University. The strategy will be developed in a collaborative way, and this is the first step in understanding the wider web estate and incorporating the views and needs of colleagues across the University.

What do we need to know? 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share this information, so we are only looking for 'headline information' at the moment: 

  • site name 

  • web address (URL) 

  • School, College, Support Group or related organisation the site is aligned to

  • person responsible for the website. If there is more than one, then the most relevant contact.

  • any important notes about the website. For example, if there are plans to decommission or renovate the website.

What sites do we need to know about? 

We need information about any site that is part of the University, but not part of the central EdWeb site, including: 

  • sub-domains of, such as

  • external domains, such as  

If you use the core EdWeb service, you don’t need to respond to this audit. Users of EdWeb Distribution, however, should complete this audit.

How to send us the information 


If you only manage one or two websites, you can complete our webform. 

University website audit form

Excel template

If you manage several sites, you might find it easier to complete our template in Excel. 

Please email the completed spreadsheet to Colan Mehaffey.


Colan Mehaffey

Contact details

When's the deadline? 

This stage of the audit will close on 6 July 2017.  

What will happen next?

An external specialist will begin work in July 2017 to help us conduct a deeper technical audit of the web estate. The results will be made available for contributors to the audit for their area. 

For further information or queries, please contact Colan Mehaffey.