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Event listing

The event content type pulls together all kinds of information about an event. This part of the page shows how 'Event page content' displays; other elements on this page are aligned to the right (on a full desktop view).

This example shows every possible field displayed, so you can see what they look like, but as you can see, that amount of information can be overwhelming. We recommend that you avoid this.


Three days after your event ends, it will be removed from your site's navigation panel. This avoids clogging your site with out-of-date information.

The page itself is not archived though. Consider creating an archive section for old events.

Related events

You can also add related events within the event content type, and EdWeb will pull out the summary detail and display it alongside your full listing. Your event won't automatically appear as realted to that event.

Remember that someone else may also reuse your event in such a way.

Practical guidance

Creating and editing the event content type - EdWeb Support wiki [EASE login required]

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Event listing

Full event listings are page types in EdWeb, but you can also reuse key information on other pages.

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