WaTeREd (Water Technology and Research at Edinburgh) Network

Our Four Themes

The WaTeREd researchers at University of Edinburgh work in a diverse set of topics, all related in some way to water. WaTeREd expertise at the university falls into four general themes:

Water Hazards & Risk

Run-down housing along a muddy river in Nepal
Water Hazards & Risk includes researchers with expertise relevant to issues of flooding, water scarcity, and pollution of surface and groundwaters.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Desalination prototype equipment in Kenya
Researchers investigating novel and practical ways to provide clean drinking water and to treat wastewater.

Sustainable Landscapes

Walking across a bridge doing field work in the Himalayas
Sustainable landscapes research looks at interconnected processes within catchments, including the importance of human impacts and changing environments and identifying solutions working with nature.

Water & Livelihoods

Uig Harbour with ships and ferry boat
Water & Livelihoods researches issues that have political, industrial, and social implications including water demand management and water debt.