Volunteer Stories

Hear from our volunteers. Find out why they joined and what they enjoyed most about their experience.

Kiera's story

Kiera Johnston
Kiera is a volunteer in our study, but she also spent some time working with us! Read about why she chose to be so actively involved here.

Ingrid's Story

Photo of Ingrid Steward, a Viking Health Study - Shetland volunteer who shared her story with us
Ingrid is a Viking Health Study - Shetland volunteer. When she heard we were looking for new volunteers for VIKING II, she shared her story, showing the benefits of receiving actionable genetic results.

Dot's Story

Dot came to visit us on Friday 13th March 2020. It might be an unlucky day for some but she enjoyed her visit and shares her experience here.

Andrea's Story

Andrew Drummond and her husband
Andrea was originally born in Edinburgh and her family has a very interesting history related to our studies. Read more here.

Garry's Story

Garry Delday Photo on wavy background
Garry has two grandparents from Orkney and, with the help of relatives, is discovering more about his family tree. Read his story here.

Heather's Story

Heather siting on a sofa in her living room. She has short white hair, glasses and wears a grey jumper over a black top
Heather was born in Canada to a father from Orkney, whose parents were both Orcadian as well. When she heard she heard about VIKING II, she chose to take part. Read her story here.

Helga and Ingrid's Story

VIKING Volunteers Helga and Ingrid in stadium seating smiling. Swirly Background behind photo
Helga and Ingrid were born and raised in Scotland and now live in New Zealand. Read all about their history and travels here.

Lena's Story

VIKING Volunteer Lena sitting on a bench in a park. Wavy background behind
Lena has a long Shetlandic family history. She has since moved away from the islands but believes they never leave you. Read her story here.

Dawn's Story

Picture of Dawn underhill, avolunteer, with green scenery behind. Image placed on a wavy white/blue backdrop
Dawn was born in The Midlands, in the UK, but is proud to have a heritage from Orkney. Read more about why she got involved in the study here.

Fiona's Story

VIKING Volunteer Fiona Boubert at Sumburgh Head in Shetland. Photo placed on a wavy background
Born in Edinburgh to an Orcadian Mum, Fiona was inspired to join the study after watching Jim's lecture in Orkney. Read her story here.