Engagement and Involvement

The involvement and engagement of our volunteers is vital to us. Read about some of our engagement activities and what our volunteers have to say.

Volunteers shaping our research

We've surveyed volunteers to understand what they want us to achieve, as part of our effort to understand their views and opinions. Find out what they said.

Orkney International Science Festival

We've attended the festival almost every year, for more than 10 years, to share our work and interact with those attending. Read about our long-standing support here.

Review of volunteer documents

Eligibility Criteria Viking II
We want to make sure all of the materials we produce for volunteers in our study are clear. Find out how we do that here.

Why did our volunteers choose to join?

Collage of Volunteers
We're always keen to know what matters to our volunteers and what their motivations for joining were. So, we've asked them. Find out what they said.

Public and volunteer engagement

We have a long history of engaging with both the public and our volunteers. Here's just a small selection of everything we've done to help share the work we do.