About Us

Learn about the Viking Genes studies, what we do and how we conduct our research.

What we do

Viking Genes is a project including four studies: Viking III, Viking II, Viking Health Study - Shetland and the Orkney Complex Disease Study. Read all about them here.

Engagement and Involvement

The involvement and engagement of our volunteers is vital to us. Read about some of our engagement activities and what our volunteers have to say.

Who we've worked with

David, Shona and Zosia around David's desk, looking at research
Collaborating with other research studies and organisations is vital to improving our understanding of health. Find out about some of the groups we've worked with here.

Volunteer Stories

Hands of different individuals holding an Earth globe high
Hear from our volunteers. Find out why they joined and what they enjoyed most about their experience.

Meet the Team

Behind the scenes we work hard to make your contribution available for research. Here's a short description of how each of us contributes to the VIKING Genes team at the MRC HGU.