Veterinary Medical Education Division


The Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVM&S) makes use of a number of acronyms.

Glossary for BVM&S degree

AB1 Animal Body 1 (BVM&S course) (NB there are also AB2, AB3, AB4 courses)
AFHEA Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
AHWFS Animal Health Welfare and Food Safety (old BVM&S course, often pronounced ‘A-WAFS’)
ALFS Animal Life and Food Safety (BVM&S course – new name for AHWFS course)
ASSET Assessment Executive
AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association
AVS Association of Veterinary Students
BVM&S Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (R(D)SVS degree)
CFC Clinical Foundation Course (BVM&S course)
DOPS Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (assessment method)
DR Dissection Room
EMS Extra Mural Studies
EBVM Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine (BVM&S course)
EdTA Edinburgh Teaching Award (staff development programme leading to HEA accreditation)
EEVeC Edinburgh Electronic Veterinary Curriculum (‘old’ vet school virtual learning environment)
EUCLID University of Edinburgh online student management tool
EUSA Edinburgh University Student Association
FHEA Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Formative Assessment help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work and   to help staff recognise where students are struggling and address problems
FYP Final Year Preparation (BVM&S course)
GEP Graduate Entry Programme
GPA Grade Point Average (academic measure of achievement in North America)
HEA Higher Education Academy
Hofstee Standard Setting method used for assessments at R(D)SVS
IAD Institute for Academic Development
ICA In-Course Assessment
ICC Integrated Clinical Course
JMICAWE Jeanne Marchig Centre for International Animal Welfare Education
Learn Virtual learning environment
MCQ Multiple Choice Question
NAVLE North American Veterinary Licensing Examination
NSS National Student Survey
NVS New Vet School (R(D)SVS teaching building)
OSCE Objective Structured Clinical Examination (assessment method)
OSPRE Objective Structure Practical Examination (assessment method, vet specific term for OSCE)
Peer Supporters Peer-based pastoral support programme (specific to R(D)SVS)
PFHEA Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
PT Personal Tutor
RCVS Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (professional body)
R(D)SVS Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
RVC Royal Veterinary College (Veterinary school in London)
SAMO School Academic Misconduct Officer
SCC Special Circumstance Committee
SFHEA Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
SRC Student Research Component (BVM&S course)
SSAG Student Support and Advisory Group
SSC Student Selected Component (BVM&S course) – old name for SRC courses
SPOTS Practical assessment set round a series of timed stations (also known as Steeplechase)
Standard setting Process used to decide ‘cut-point’ (or pass mark) for an assessment
Steeplechase See SPOTS
Summative Assessment Evaluate student learning at the end of a unit, comparing performance to a benchmark or standard
VetPALs Peer-based study skills support programme (specific to R(D)SVS)
VLE Virtual Learning Environment (e.g. Learn or EEVeC)
VMED Veterinary Medical Education Division (Academic Division, Research and Development)
VPH Veterinary Public Health
VTO Veterinary Teaching Organisation (administrative team)
WSE Ward Simulation Exercise