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Personal Tutors

Each student enrolled on the BVM&S degree programme will be allocated a House and a Personal Tutor.

What is a Personal Tutor?

Personal Tutors provide academic and pastoral guidance for students within the University. You are able to contact them to discuss any issues that you might be having and if they are unable to help, they will assist in finding you the right support.  You are able to approach your Personal Tutor for guidance and support at any time throughout your studies, and if for some reason your Personal Tutor is unavailable, you can contact any other Personal Tutor within your House as well as your Senior House Tutor or the Student Support Manager

What can a Tutee expect of their PT?

  • Responsiveness in a timely manner
  • Availability to meet at least twice per session (three times for 1st year & GEP)
  • Willingness to advise, support and review progress
  • To act as Tutee’s advocate
    • By discussing any difficulties a student may be having and assisting with making a Special Circumstances application
    • if you are called to a Student Support & Advisory Group meeting (SSAG)
    • Progression Committee
House System - banners

What is a House?

There are ten houses, each named after the Pentland Hills, which surround the campus. Each house is headed up by a Senior House Tutor and consists of 5-6 Personal Tutors and eighty students.  If your PT is unavailable or absent and you need some support then you can approach the Senior House Tutor or any of the other tutors.

Further information

Please open and read our comprehensive Personal Tutor plan, known as our Personal Tutoring Statement.