The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Bicentenary

Emily Raborn

Year 2 BVM&S GEP from Auburn University - USA

Emily Rabon posing, holding her pet cat

What made you decide to apply to The University of Edinburgh and The R(D)SVS after your BSc?

I allowed myself one international application when applying to vet school and I chose Edinburgh mostly because my brother had visited the city and loved it, but also because of their program's reputation. I'd heard amazing things.

What was the application process like?

I found the application process very low stress compared to other schools I'd applied to. The interviews were very relaxed and more a chance to get to know us outside of the paper and numbers we'd submitted.

What stands out in your mind from your experience at Edinburgh and studying Veterinary Medicine so far?

How much fun I'm having. I've wanted to be a vet since I was two years old and understood what a vet was. Every moment of high school and my undergraduate degree was spent to get here and now I get to play in the area I love. Edinburgh's program structure is also really helpful and somewhat unique, in my opinion. They teach what is normal first before moving onto diagnosing what is abnormal so everything makes sense every step of the way.

Has Edinburgh become your home away from home?

Definitely! The city is so international already that it doesn't even feel like I've left the States some days. There's also so much to do here to keep me busy outside of studying.

Was it difficult to transition into life in Edinburgh and studying abroad?

It was a little scary at first, but once I made friends and started classes everything fell into place. The adjustment period was very short for me.

What aspect of the BVM&S degree do you enjoy the most and why?

The staff! Every lecturer and clinician I've met is so passionate about the subject that their teaching makes me passionate about it. I never thought I would want to work in orthopedics, but after a few lectures from the Hospital for Small Animals' orthopedic surgeon I was on board.

Have your EMS placements helped to shape your studies so far?

My EMS placements have been a huge help to my studies and also showed me more things I never thought I would actually like. Milking in a UK dairy for a week, on the early morning shift no less, was an absolute blast and I learned so much about the industry. Lambing was also so much fun! My shepherd was a great teacher and I actually got the chance to teach him some things from our classes so it was a mutual experience. Clinical EMS is maybe the best way to apply what I've learned in the classroom and I get to do it in whatever setting I want.

How is your programme equipping you for your future career?

This program is not only building my knowledge base, but it's building my confidence to get out there and start working. From the clinical skills lab to EMS, we're being taught about and put into situations that we'll be seeing from day one in practice.

If you could give one piece of advice to any prospective students thinking of applying to the R(D)SVS, what would it be?

Just do it! When I applied, I genuinely didn't think I would get accepted. There was no way the number six vet school in the world was going to want me. The acceptance blindsided me and I don't regret making this choice for a second. I'm so incredibly grateful I took the chance.